A Portobello & P’tot Pairing

Vegetarian fare perfectly suited for a late lunch. Best enjoyed on a patio during a warm, breezy day in the company of a few good friends.


45 minutes prep20 minutes cook
Serves 4
BurgerLean and GreenSaladQuick Lunches


  • Balsamic Portobello Burgers
  • Black Bean Salad
  • P’tot Wedges
  • Spicy Garlic Aioli
  • Paloma



  1. Marinate portobello caps, per balsamic portobello burger recipe.
  2. While burgers are marinating, make black bean salad and let chill.
  3. Prepare p’tot wedges for cooking, and set aside.
  4. Adjust rack to top position and preheat oven to 435º F. Then warm up the grill for medium-high temperatures and oil the cooking grate.
  5. Whip up some spicy garlic aioli while your oven and grill come to temperature.
  6. Slice up your burger fixins.


  1. Toss your p’tot wedges in the oven.
  2. Wait 5–10 minutes, then grill your burgers. This should have your burgers finishing about 5 minutes before the p’tot wedges.


  1. Lightly toast 4 brioche buns before the grill cools down.
  2. While you wait for the p’tot wedges to finish cooking, make a few palomas. You can make about 4 in typical cocktail shaker, so make enough to share!
  3. Now’s probably a good time to remove the p’tots from the oven.
  4. Remove the salad from the fridge, and top with fresh cilantro.
  5. Assemble burgers and serve each with salad, p’tot wedges, and a gin cooler. Don’t forget the aioli for p’tot dipping!